Follow Your Heart Wellness

We invite you to nurture your soul, heart, mind & body and discover total wellness for all aspects of your life.



Tao Wellness Session


7 pm (PT)


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Tao Calligraphy Healing

Field Session

Tuesdays in October

7-8 pm (PT)

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Harness Source energy for healing and transformation of your life issues in this special field.

Everyone is welcome to join this event that will nourish and uplift your soul heart mind and body. Step into the healing field and experience its power for yourself. This is your opportunity to transform your life challenges by being in the Source Field. Small honor fee to join this one-hour session. many people have experienced deep transformation to make a positive shift.

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Kuan Yin Mantra Session


Step into a special healing field created by a connection to Kuan Yin & Da Bei Zhou. Ancient teachings mention this mantra can heal eighty­-four thousand kinds of sickness. This series will help you make a connection to this healing frequency.

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Healing Retreat

Sunday 23 October

10 am - 1 pm (PT)

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Experience the power of the Tao (Source) Field to help you transform your life challenges during this special session. Discover ancient wisdom and sacred techniques plus unique empowerments to uplift your frequency and vibration to a happier & healthier you.

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Next Level Tao:

Tao Quantum Healing


9:30 am (PT)

live event no replays

Tao Quantum Healing™ is 1 hour of high-frequency spiritual healing, offered every Saturday afternoon —where all that’s asked of you is to tune in, lie down, and receive.

Enjoy new levels of relaxation as you melt into this one-of-a-kind healing experience. Soothes you on a physical, emotional, and mental level while gently working in higher dimensions to heal you on a quantum level.

Every Saturday!

Tao Ancient Secrets


9:30 am (PT)

live event no replays

Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™ is your sacred invitation to come back to oneness, to learn empowering and life-changing Tao wisdom to uplift your life and others.


This is a rare and powerful healing experience. At its heart, is an exciting reminder of the power we have, both in ourselves and in our unity when we come together as one.

Every Sunday!

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