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Follow Your Heart Wellness


I always enjoy Mark and Janis' Soul Healing Evening. My soul sings when I leave each time. Sometimes I walk in feeling "down" but leave uplifted, Thank you.

Ellinor - Port Moody BC

My deepest gratitude for this special healing and blessing. I was having frequent cramps on both my lower legs. It happened any time anywhere. And the pain level is at 9. On the first day of healing, I felt a very sharp cramp again on my calf, it was very painful. Then it subsided the following day. I'm very very happy now, after the healing has taken place, the cramps have not occur again, I'm pain free!

Evelyn - Burnaby BC

When we started the healing ten days ago, I would say my feet were 9 out of 10 very painful at night when I went to bed. After 10 days of the healing I have no pain in my feet at night, I am down to a zero. Thank you Mark, you are awesome. I highly recommend your Healing Program. Blessings. 

Dorothy - Saskatoon Sk

Sometimes the Divine blesses our life with Angels so radiant they activate the light within us. You, Janis are most certainly one of those angels who activates so many. I love and appreciate you 

greatly. Thank you for your shining example and your readings. Infinite Love Light and Hugs.

Shelley - Coquitlam BC

Thank you Mark for the spirit art drawing of my friend Bill Greig. He left school and went into the New Zealand Navy. The tie is a sailor's tie. I helped Bill many times during his life. Here is a photo of Bill as a teenager, the likeness is incredible. 

Trevor - New Zealand

I would like to relate my condition during the healing period. I was full of gratitude during that period because I felt totally relieved of all sorts of pain,  which I used to feel daily. I was at my son's house one day and I walked up the 2-1/2 storey staircase with ease. That was a surprise! I'm grateful for the healing. Thank you.

Sweelan - Malaysia

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for having received healing for my soul. I have seen improvements in so many areas of my general wellbeing. I have become more spiritual and feel that with continued chanting I will grow in energy and enthusiasm. I also see changes in the symptoms of Parkinson's, in particular better balance, less shaking and better posture. The whole experience has been a major step forward. With time and ongoing practices I see a long and hopeful future.

Wayne - Surrey BC

Every week is amazing at the Soul Healing Evening. The warm 

healing sessions give hope about a healthier future. It is very inspiring and I feel honored to learn about Master Sha's teachings.

Joanna -  Abbotsford BC

I am extremely grateful for the healing I received. Since the healing I have not experienced any more foot pain. I have been leading an extremely active life and I work out as well. Ty Ty Ty Ly Ly Ly

Sholeh - Vancouver BC

At the beginning of the healing my neck and shoulders were very stiff and I was very tired and over sleeping. My condition was around a 7 for pain. During the healing I felt heat on my neck and shoulders, later on they were more mobile. I felt lighter and the room felt lighter. I am still sleeping lots, and I realize that the practice and healing will take more time. I feel shivers in my body every day, especially around the remote healing session. I rate my condition at around a 3 now, thank you.

Angela - Burnaby BC

When your dealing with a chronic condition as psoriasis it can be challenging. But I must tell you my soul healing experience with Mark Soparlo was most beneficial. Mark has this incredible gift of putting you at ease as he explains what's going on with the Mind Body and Soul and how we all have these karmic blockages some of which are ancestral. Since my last session, there has been a huge improvement in my skin condition. Thanks to Mark I would say at a 3 considering that I went in at a 10. I'd say I'm doing very well. Thank you.

Barry -  Vancouver  BC

Love the original painting I have of yours, it brings a smile to my face everyday.

Jaylene - Toronto ON

I became more spiritual, more energetic and more enthusiastic in all my daily affairs. I am also finally starting to open my 3rd eye. I see blue and pale purple or amethyst when I meditate. I find that my intuition is getting better as a result of the healing and it helps me to make better decisions in my life. Some of my friends are coming to me for advice on how to deal with their own problems. They want to know the secret of why everything is going so well for me. I just wanted to add that I had a lip infection that did not heal after 3 rounds of antibiotics. The infection was healed after 2 healing sessions with Mark. I thank you with all of my heart.

Elaine - Surrey BC

So good to have messages from Mum and Dad and our family friend Henry. Amazing. Thank you for the wonderful reading.

Helen - White Rock BC

I would like to update you on my health status and the improvement since you have started the healing process. For more than a year 90% of the time I could only sleep 3 to 4 hours max. I would wake up because I have wheezing. Then I needed  to use an inhaler and clear the phlegm so that I could breathe better. Then I would sit up till sunrise. During the day, whenever I exert a little or the air quality is poor, the inhaler helps me to breathe better so that I can continue working. Since you started the calligraphy writing healing, although it's only a couple of days, I notice the improvement. Although I still wheeze in the middle of the night, the phlegm is lesser and easier to cough out. I would like to say thank you and I am grateful. I shall continue to offer "yuan bao" .....   My gratitude to all....   Love Peace and Harmony.

Sweejee - Malaysia

Thank you for your wonderful evening of art and messages. Your energy and loving service is so appreciated. Your gifts are uplifting!

Anna - New Westminister
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