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Follow Your Heart Wellness

Mark&Janis Soparlo

Mark & Janis are honored to serve you on your wellness journey.


Their spiritual journey has inspired them to combine their gifts to bring love and light to your wellness needs. They bring many years of experience and study to facilitate your healing process.


Janis is a natural medium psychic and uses her spirit communication abilities to aid clients in many aspects of their lives and to communicate with those in the soul world. 


Mark is a natural artist who uses his communication abilities to create artwork inflow. Through special teachings, guidance and blessings from their Spiritual Teachers both Mark and Janis have received healing and communication abilities to serve humanity.


Together they have developed mediumship skills in England, studied healing arts of Qi Gong, Tai-Chi, meditation and received Soul communication abilities and Soul Healing abilities from their Spiritual Teacher. Both are certified Divine Healers and Mark a certified Teacher from the Soul Power Institute.  


Mark & Janis are deeply inspired by the natural area of Deer Lake in Burnaby, British Columbia where they live. Their intention is to help you to achieve oneness, to explore your spiritual journey and to embark on the path of wellness.


"Heal and transform the Soul first then

healing and transformation of the Mind

and Body will follow" 


               -  Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha


Together they offer Healing sessions for you and your pets, Soul Communication guidance, Spirit Art and Sacred Space design to enhance your home or workplace. Welcome to join the Wellness Session to experience the Power of Soul, in person & live webcast (info under events).


Mark & Janis look forward to assisting you on your wellness journey. We are One.


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