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Animal Healing

"Animals, just like human beings, can become ill or have injuries. Healing can be helpful. Healers treat animals in the same way as if they were human beings. After all, humans are animals too, subject to the same laws as the animal kingdom. The processes governing birth, bodily functions, organs, bone structures, circulation, breathing and other systems - even the emotions of love, dislike, care for the young, are all very similar to those concerning humans. Animals therefore respond readily to spiritual healing." - Harry Edwards from A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing

For many of us our pets are our family members. When something is wrong with our pet our hearts hurt and we search for ways to help our pets feel better. Pet healing provides the comfort and results that enable our pets to overcome their conditions and emotional issues. We know now that the lifespan of animals is being extended through pet healing. In previous years dogs and cats would live on average 8 to 14 + years, today we hear of many cats who have lived to 18+ years and many dogs for 16+ years. Love and compassion is the basis of all pet healing and of course the component of animal communication. We communicate with the Soul of the animal to understand what type of healing would be most effective. The world is a beautiful place because of our animal friends and many people find deep joy and peace because they are nurturing and living a rewarding life with their pets. Give the gift of pet healing to your animal today, to help heal any ailments or to help sooth any situation. Pet healing can also be applied to pets that have gone missing. Your animals will reward you with unconditional love and a longer life span if you take them on the journey of pet healing. Pet healing can be applied to any member of the animal kingdom as we attune with all animals that are a part of our life. Many of you have birds, hamsters, horses, potbelly pigs, goats, fish and all types of other exotic pets that you love and care for, pet healing is available to all creatures great and small!

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