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Follow Your Heart & Be Inspired

Have you had something inspiring happen to you today? Inspiration is what motivates our Soul to create and creativity raises our vibration and frequency, creativity increases our ENERGY! Whatever you create is your gift to the planet and to humanity.It is extremely appropriate that I write this blog today, for it is Earth Day 2016. Mother Earth is grateful for your love, she needs your service. The following poems are from Realms of Light, Enlightened Art to Inspire Your Journey, a book of paintings received by Mark and poems received by Janis. Enjoy and remember you are so loved and so blessed. The Soul of Mother Earth honors your contribution to her longevity. Thank you


An early spring

Radiant blooms tiny buds

Thoughts return to me

The softness of a day

That transports one upon its wing

To a place where all is complete

A part of everything

Hours float by

The trees never stir

A magical vista

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