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Follow Your Heart Wellness

We invite you to nurture your soul, heart, mind & body and discover total wellness for all aspects of your life.

Tao Wellness Session


7 pm (PT)


Experience the Tao Source Field to help you transform the challenges in your life. Each week we share different sacred healing techniques to help you on your journey.

Tao Chang Field Session


7-8 pm (PT)

Discover a new way to receive powerful healing support by experiencing this unique transformational Field, created by the Tao Chang (Source Field) Tao Calligraphies that carry the power to help you transform your request, by transforming the negative energy and information in your field. The Tao Calligraphy Experience is perfect for every person who desires to change or transform your life.

New - register for a whole month at a discount.

Kuan Yin Mantra Session

7 & 21 September

Step into a special compassionate healing field created by a connection to Kuan Yin & Da Bei Zhou mantra. Ancient teachings mention this mantra can heal eighty­-four thousand kinds of sickness. This series will help you make a connection to this healing frequency. (right after Tao Wellness 8:30 pm)

(by love offering)

Healing Retreat

Sunday 24 September

10 am - 1 pm (PT)

click link to register

Experience the Healing Retreat in the Tao Chang (Source Field), created by powerful Tao Calligraphies to help you transform your request. Discover ancient wisdom, sacred techniques plus unique empowerments to uplift your frequency & vibration to a happier & healthier you. We will guide you on a pathway to transform the root cause of your situation in health, relationships, finances & more. Clear the interference and blockages! Join us on this sacred journey to wellness.

You can register for the Event or Event Plus special Blessing Service (also register for your loved ones to receive the blessing service)

Tao Science

from Despair to Hope to Manifestation

Sunday 1 October

12 - 5 pm (PT)

There is a way to manifest the world you desire to experience. There is a way for you to create the life you wish, and are meant to live. This pathway is through Tao Science.

Join Dr. Rulin Xiu, a Certified Leading Teacher of the Tao Academy™ and Quantum Physicist on Sunday, October 1st. In this half-day immersion, discover the secrets and root cause of challenges, and reveal a pathway to transform them, in the infinite Field of manifestation.

You will venture into the scientific and ancient spiritual wisdom and be introduced to a unique combination of spiritual practices and modern self-healing techniques to empower you on your journey to manifest your desires. All this takes place online in the presence of several Tao Chang Fields, created by Tao Calligraphies, to help you move towards your goals.

Being in these Tao Chang Fields could help you transform your health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In addition, the Fields will increase your frequency and vibration which will allow you to proceed on this unique manifestation journey.

Dr. Rulin Xiu will guide us with her experience and help us attain a pathway to accelerate this creation process. There will be opportunities to dramatically increase your own Field and transform many challenges in your life by receiving special services to quicken this journey.


Starting now you can have Easy access to all Master Sha's live events in one place. Simply login into your DrSha.TV account to watch live or replays of past events.

Also home to exclusive Tao courses, events, documentaries, interviews, and much more.

also available on Roku, Apple TV Amazon Fire TV & web browsers

Tao Oneness Circle


Brand new digital membership and spiritual community you can access from your phone or computer. Each day there are new practice sessions led by Master Sha's Leading Teachers. One of the best ways to be in the Field and receive group practice benefits to help you transform your request faster

Explore everything from health to wellness:
Tao Wellness - Tao Calligraphy - Open Your Spiritual Channels - Tao Hands - Tao Song - Tao Dance - Da Bei Zhou - Next Level Tao - Tao Science - Soul Enlightenment - Tao Wisdom - plus practice sessions are recorded for you to access any time.


We can't wait for you to enter this interactive Tao space, with 30+ weekly sessions in 12 different themes!

Get to know our Leading Teachers on a deeper level, and transform your life through deep connection.


Tao Water​ Blessings


Let Tao Water deeply nourish your heart and soul!

Get your very own Tao Water Bottle to carry precious Tao Water, and further amplify the positive message of the water you drink daily.

Tao Water Bottle has an incredibly powerful positive message of Tao Calligraphy of Tao Water. Uplift your physical, mental and emotional well-being with every sip!

Tao Water Bottle is made with double-layered glass, available in two choices of colors, and has a customized tea strainer within it.

Get it for yourself or a gift for a love one!

Tao Song

healing on demand

Access our ever-expanding collection of Tao Songs on DrSha.TV

For just $10 CAD, you will have unlimited access to your Tao Song for 30 days! 
Our specialized Tao Song Blessings are only a click away...

Receive what you need below:
Heart - Back - Kidneys - Lungs - Liver - Knees - Brain - Spleen - Eyes - Skin - Teeth & Gums - Depression - Insomnia - Pancreas - Stress

Begin experiencing deep relaxation and transformation on the deepest levels of your being, starting today!

Tao Quantum Healing

Saturdays at 9:30 am (PT)

Tao Quantum Healing™ is one hour of high-frequency spiritual healing, offered every Saturday - where all that’s asked of you is to tune in, lie down, and receive.

Enjoy new levels of relaxation as you melt into this one-of-a-kind healing experience. Soothes you on a physical, emotional, and mental level while gently working in higher dimensions to heal you on a quantum level.

Tao Light Treasures

Healing Hour


Are you ready to empower yourself with a transformative tool you can carry with you at all times?

In this weekly 90-minute session, you’ll receive a Tao Light Treasure, a high-frequency spiritual light transmission that you can activate at any time, and learn how to use this powerful spiritual tool to support your personal transformation and growth

Miracles of Kuan Yin

& Kuan Yin Retreat

replay is still available


Miracles include “Kuan Yin’s Love Golden Light Ball Golden Liquid Spring” transmission

(value of $1000 CAD)! only $98

The retreat includes “Kuan Yin’s Heart of Mercy Golden Light Ball Golden Liquid Spring” transmission

(value of $3000 CAD)! only $198

Tao Calligraphy

Framed Print or Cards


LIMITED TIME ONLY: receive a special-edition framed Tao Calligraphy - signed
by Tao Grandmaster, Dr. & Master Sha:

Da Ai (Greatest: Love)

Da Kuan Shu (Greatest Forgiveness)

Da Chang Sheng (Greatest Flourishing)


Tao Calligraphy is not just calligraphy, it’s a direct connection to higher spiritual frequencies. This is both a unique art and a powerful healing tool that holds the ability to completely transform your life. 


Tao Calligraphy Cards are small cards that are printed with a specific Ten Da Tao Calligraphy (ten greatest qualities of Tao).

They are powerful healing tools that allow you to access high-level frequencies and vibrations of that quality to help you transform your life challenges.

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